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Another Boy (Zich Karel)

Another boy That´s what I am Since I was born No matter when There was a date I forgot since then I´m just a member Of a boys´ clan What is a date What is an age The book of my life has An unwritten page Long as I can I´m living with joy And if I´m a hundred I´m still a boy Somewhere deep in my mind Lies a piece of childhood world I´m a boy and I feel fine I´m so glad I´m not a girl Another boy That´s how I feel I don´t count my years They never seem real If I go on And I have a son I know we both will be Actin´ as one Winter or spring We go to play Sunday suits gatherin´ The dust and the clay If he´s the one Who took after me I´ll take after him That´s how it will be If I was a little girl I´d still have a lot of joy Livin´ in a different world I´d be glad I´m not a boy But as it is it´s not my case I was born a little man Ever since those childhood days I´m so happy that I am Another boy Ready to live Tryin´to take And tryin´to give Another boy A little bit wild A little bit frightened But somehow a child If you just care If you give a damn I could come over To say: Here I am Another boy Askin´ you: Please Give us the playground Give us the peace