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Beautiful Mistake (Schulte Michael)

Like running with my eyes closed, Expecting not to fall, Loving her was easily the hardest thing of all. A whirlwind that picked me up And carried us away, Caught in a gorgeous storm, Heading for heartbreak. CHORUS And even though I could have saved myself the pain, Loving her was the most beautiful mistake. I would do it all again. My most beautiful mistake. And it might hurt, my skin still burns Where I felt her touch. It doesn't change the fact I found a diamond in the rough. Invincible, we felt so tall, a fortress made of sand, But soon the ocean comes, to claim it's beauty back. CHORUS I would do it all again with you, And I'm caught in an endless demand. Oh I'm seeding my own little bars, And I'm falling to the ground. Oh I feel overwhelmed by you, But I might go blind with my love. I would do it all again. My most beautiful mistake.