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Cool Water (Williams Hank)

All day I've faced the barren waste With out the taste of water... cool, water. Ole Dan and I, with throats burned dry, and souls that cry for water... cool, clear water. The nights are cool and I'm a fool. Each star's a pool of water... cool, clear water. And with the dawn I'll wake and yawn and carry on to water... cool, clear water. The shadows sway and seem to say Tonight we pray for water.... cool, clear water And way up there He'll hear our prayer and show us where there's water... cool, clear water. Keep a-movin' Dan. Don't you listen to him Dan. He's the devil, not a man. He spreads the burnin' sand with water. Say Dan can't you see that big green tree, where the water's runnin' free. It's waiting there for you and me and water.... cool, clear water. Dan's feet are sore he's yearnin' for Just one thing more than water.... cool, clear water. Like me I guess he'd like to rest where there's no quest for water... cool, clear water.