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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Whenever You're Ready (Elton John)

I lived in a tenement six floors above I lent you my records and I lent you my love But you left me on the weekend without a by-your-leave That's a dirty and a low-down trick My folks all think you're mean But I don't mind, that's kind of nifty You always set those break-ups in the movies And just like a light honey you put me out Now I'm gonna do my best To get you back in the nest you came from You can erase me if you want to Turn your back in other men But whenever you're ready Honey, we'll go steady again It's nasty without you in my little room I miss you like crazy, please come back soon I was joking with those things I said I couldn't have been thinking If you don't come back I think I'll crack Just like my old ceiling