Lay all your love on me (ABBA)

Ami 1. I wasn't jealous before we met, now every woman I see is G a potential threat Ami And I'm possesive it isn't nice, you've heard me saying G that smoking was my only vice Ami E Ami But now it isn't true, now everything is new, and all I've learned E has overturned Ami D I beg of you: Ami F E Ami C G C R: Don't go wasting your emotion - Lay all your love on me 2. It was like shooting a sitting duck, a little small talk a smile and baby I was stuck I still don't know what you've done to me, a grown-up woman should never fall so easily I feel a kind of fear when I don't have you near, Unsatisfied I skip my pride I beg you dear: R: Don't go sharing your devotion - Lay all your love on me (2x) 3. I've had a few little love-affairs. They didn't last very long and they've been pretty scarce I used to think that was sensible, it makes the truth even more incomprehensible 'Cause everything is new, and everything is you, and all I learned has overturned, What can I do? R: Don't go sharing... (2x)