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I Miss You Alot (DJ Ironik)

One minute your here And next minute, gone Haa One minute your here And next minute, gone But your in a better place So now your better off One minute your here And next minute, gone It's crazy man People are dyin in so many different angles I gotta big up everyone dats stayed strong Rest in piece man Listen to the words Look it's deep when u lose someone that u kno And lately iv lost someone that I kno It's mad how your here and then u can go Everyones upset I fink u shud kno But I kno dat your up der lookin down at us N I kno dat lyf n death is a must But sometyms it's lyk d wrong ppl go Sometyms it's lyk I just wanna go Up in d sky Up wiv d angels Up in d nyt N I may b a man but I still do cry A can't even stop as much as I try A was born on dis earth 2 go 2 d sky A wish a had longer to say goodbye Cause lyfs 2 short N a dnt kno y Rest in piece Your missed by me I miss u alot... it's crazy I miss u alot... your missd by me alot N even if I didn't kno u Your missed by everyone Your in a better place Stay strong please My names ironik