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Tears Of Fate (Silent Fall)

Everyone has already dreamed We could change everything As if the point of no return Had never been reached But there's one rule no one can break Even the masters of Hell The fourth dimension will ever be a straight line Just one way Don't gaze what is behind Your solace Will not be in the past In the future, just believe Time will be your best cure Tears of Fate 'Cause the past has gone Without letting a chance of return Look ahead now Better time will come What is done is done You don't have to cry These tears of Fate Thousands of destinies That events everyday build Is your own path as heavenly As your buried wish? Don't be afraid of your mistakes They are a part of human race Just learn of them and next time don't do it again Do you still want a time machine? Be as a god and all rebuild You could be master of the Earth All change as you will But if one thing had been altered Consequences may be disastrous If I were you I wouldn't take the risk