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I Am The Line (junkstar Megamix) (Uncle Outrage)

I am the line But I ain't thin Like hot men I'm thick Like my dick I'll f**k up your system Like weed and speed and shit I need a ten or an ounce A hit or a blast Cause I'm a loser (drug abuser) And I always come last You can snort me Drink a quart of me Turn me up and distort me Hey ma, why didn't you abort me? Bathe in a quart or three I like my girls portly Call you a retard And don't wait to see What you report of me Bend me, Shake me Smack me, Crack me Just like a spine But you ain't gonna get no further Cause I am the line I am the line! And I'm fine Don't cry for me, L please Just another man Trying to make ends meet With his band Uncle Outtie sucking dick That's my bit And this is for The f**king critics! You can say we suck! You can break our thumbs! Well, don't do that cause H and Poles play drums Telling shit, that's your bit On this track, it's so phat Come on bitches, let's sing it loud! I'll make you fall so hard You'll think you got the belt I'll make you fall so hard 'Cause I'm the line You are one fix mean girl Starting to bleed through I'm not one of those people That f**ks without needles Wake up! I did it all for you Your sick fantasy is coming true Even though I'm not in the mood Can't stop this kid From bleeding on you Cause I'm a Mexican not a Mexican't Come down on your fans with a single hand Don't understand that it was all a sham? Got everybody thinking that I'm a band I was never empty I was full of shit If I was black I'd be a hit Wanna double cross me cause I'm the line But I'm just too fast like a Tech9 run Maybe some day I will be Just like a rapper Named D.G.! Get you by the balls You can turn and cough And tell me one more time Just how much I rip off Because I'm sick and tired of all these fans Sick and tired of shaking hands Sick and tired of dead rock stars Sick and tired of bass guitars Sick and tired of techno clubs Sick and tired of two bit drums Sick and tired of all these raves Sick and tired of gameboy games Sick and tired of punching girls Sick and tired of kissing guys Sick and tired of Betty's trash Sick and tired of M.S.I. Sick and tired of missing dates Sick and tired of demo tapes Sick and tired of getting dropped Sick and tired of what I'm not Sick and tired of being the stream Sick and tired of the triple cheese Sick and tired of my jealousy Sick and tired of every sleaze Sick and tired of paying bills Sick and tired of f**king Nils This is how I made my millions Sick and tired of everything I have the nerve to try and sing This is how I made my millions