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Long Live Our Lifeless King (Xanthochroid)

Do not reject me If I should not continue on Then let me freeze Freeze again to death If she will receive me Then through these gates I must proceed Erthe's very womb From whence all were born I taste the stench of death My sight grows sharp My breath is steady He hides behind Monuments to progress "Lights that blind" Hail! to the Thane of Thule! Born of ashes, born to rule! "We exalt your glory" And bring from afar riches and Offerings fit for a king (You are no king) Hail! To a foolish boy Whose Relicry is but a ploy "Who is falsely burdened" With the charge of an absent god You so brutally wronged Brother, relinquish your crown (Your time has come) I have earned the right I have sacrificed Years of my life My dignity and my pride To bring man erthly light I come to bear witness Iron pillars will turn to Ashes as you fall Not with splendor But with a sigh You think you have suffered? I've endured things far worse than pain, I'll make you taste Death How easily he fell A hollow empty shell: Behold your lifeless King!