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Rebirth of an Old Nation (Xanthochroid)

As Erthe's beauty fades Behind bright, blinding lights Will I still recall The smell of the woods, My home, The lone and silent elk, The damp, misty air The allure of the erthe? I must posses a mind Not to be changed by place or time Not to be poisoned by The stench of progress I remember when I had a brother and a friend A friend whose struggles I alone have witnessed When I saw him there Crumbling face, empty stare A great, heaving sigh I, at last, said good bye The sky is black with fog Black with the souls of those who've lost That fleeting breath which they called life I step into the mist Recalling the place she and I lived Hoping to find some semblance of old joy But alas her tender spirit Has gone away at last For in my most desparate hour She did not come No empty blessings No friendly ghost To fill me with false hope Or haunt me with happy dreams Still I was drunk by the prospect That she may sit beside me When my trials were through I walk along the sand By the cold, brackish water "It's hard to remember The paths we used to take" It's hard to walk in this thick mud And I begin to sink. "Vocant me deus Numquam ita sentitur Humana"