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Man In A White Car (The Buggles)

I see a man in a white car Move like a ghost on the skyline Take all your dreams And you throw them away Man in a white car. I see a woman in a black bra Searching for cheese in a pie shop Take all your screams And you show them everyday Woman in a black bra. The man in the white car Slides along like a warm Spongmonkey Slurps up all the creams And to prove he's not gay The Man shags the woman in a black bra I knew a woman from Amsterdam She was a very stupid Dutch Bitch She had lobsters up the arse She was a Dutch Bitch It's all so fannytastic. I like to sing rude songs About your rancid Anal Pongs Your arse sings all day About people who are gay So rude and crude La-la-la Labia Flapping in the wind Singing filthy words all day This made up song Really should be binned Wanking and spanking with a furry hat Looking at photos of A big fluffy cat What a load of bollocks!