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Catathymic Rage (Inherit Disease)

Catathymia Emotionally traumatized Beginning of the end My brutal fantasy Envelopes me Unsolvable internal state Leads to emotional tension Dreaming of a violent deed That I must now carry out Paranoid, and anxious your blamed Building desperation-uxoricide Anger now a threat to my fragile sense of self Imbuing violence with symbolic thinking Tension culminates-catathymic rampage Anger, tension, destabilization My core perturbed, ungodly time bomb Paranoia, killing the only way Rage motivation Stabbed hundreds of times Killing with unparalleled ferocity Animal instinct has taken over I'm now a programmed killing machine Extremely violent episode has been achieved Target of the tension smashed repeatedly After the brutality, relief There is no recollection of the catathymic killing