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Pleasures Of Lunacy (Inherit Disease)

Dried or stored in formaldehyde Missing her vagina when she died No other body part would suffice Cunt hunting my gruesome vice Collector of labia Large and small Young and old Warm and cold Sever the divine morsels in meticulous fashions The man with the most vagina is my ultimate passion Dissector of vagina An expert Grave robber Bitch torture Dig her up nice and ripe Scalpel, scissors, hands Kill my own, I don't mind She doesn't have a chance Manicured beef curtains Cleverly combined Fabricate a necklace Gratifying prize Recto vaginal gouging Flawless vaginectomy My obsession is my twisted reality Sever the labia cured and tanned Sickening pillage Vagina inspector Labia collector Dehydration of vaginal castration Vaginal thievery pleasures of lunacy