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Recipe Ferrum! (Tormentor)

Colosseum War of life In a fratricidal fight On either side The friends of mine All will have to be slain I know that I can't do it My whole body is trembling I don't know If I should fight Or if I should give up How could this be So faint and cowardly Not worthy of praise Since the beginning For the living ones Death and birth are unavoidable Let's go figt! Fight for fighting! For the victory of the heroes... Our ancestors the holy ones All did the same. Recipe Ferrum... How can I Trust in God The reality so cruel, You can kill Only the body Not the spiritual soul, Who is God Incomprehensible Show yourself to me! He offers me to be the chosen one He gave me mighty eye... Recipe Ferrum... Wondrous brilliant unlimitied all expanding, If thousands of suns were to rise in the sky, Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, All soldiers here on both sides will be slain... Oh master of masters The world is joyfull All is rightfully done I was demented By disbelief But now I understand! Life and death Are the same I will think of you! I will do everything, Please, show me the way! Recipe Ferrum...