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Psychotic Euphoric (Silent Descent)

If she said she loved she lied Life's just porn with a story-line And this is all that it's ever gonna be As we play with words With words What it will say is not what it's gonna think This curse of tongue's We've all been jinxed. Watch them come and go as they come and go Youthful faces mindless eyes. Watch them come and go as they come and go Withered mouths that they'll dispise. And when you thought you'd figured it out The picture-perfect faces That all the mind erases But it was all inside your head. A little bit of blood for a little bit of beef A little broken half-heart incomplete. Don't think it'll make a difference if you have a bit of fun That's why pencils have erasers that's why god invented guns. Couldn't resist the drama, couldn't resist the scene Couldn't keep your motherf**king dick in your jeans. As you looked into her eyes, her ass and her tits I hope you tasted my f**king cum on her lips. Why do we waste time Falling in love Don't waste time speaking Cos you talk too much. So let the drug burn till all effect are gone Dreaming's better than living Cos it makes me, yes, it makes me god.