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Turn Me On Dead Man (The Tear Garden)

I snared you in a photograph I trapped you on a wire I amplified you magnified you 1500 times You strode across the ocean And you smiled to careful drivers Swooping low You'd just say no And though you never showed I know you're still alive Turn me on, my dead man Give me a little sign Turn me on dead man Give me another line I still watch all your videos My bedroom is your shrine On friday all the guys will get toghther In the ghettos, in the pits Howling elipso fits I swing my hips I mime Yes I can feel your kick inside When you feel the time is right Will you rejoin me as a king With medallions of rings And stairway things That lead from heaven Will you give me back my innocence And paint the black sky blue Just like your shoes I'll keep my distance, my respect You choose the hour, I'll be there