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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Fiery Gun Hand (Cardiacs)

Sacred patience (and a short silence) and We will be sure as eggs is eggs that Jesus will hold his fiery hand to the gun And together we'll blow him to the ends of the earth To the ends of the earth See has no lines on the sore palms of his hands On the palms of his hands He went off dead He went off dead with his hand with his Big gun fire hand Big gun fire hand in his mouth in his hand And puts a big gun up inside of his mouth and he Fires til he cries A bullet his gullet and he fires til he cries Up inside til he- Click! (run!) "Hello sir I'm in a tango in a different timing I will never lose my anger, I haven't got a secret Secrets are in my secret box down my avenue Suck away my tiny dress I'm cleaner than a filthy mess Cleaner than a big mess!"