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The Whole World Window (Cardiacs)

It's just a funny world That hides me out of sight And I will stay with her All through the day And through the night And if she only had Stopped making that hissing noise That haunts me now And makes a joke of me With all the other boys And then the world begins to seethe Then she releases what's closed in on me And then asks "Is it just mud that breaks the whole world window?" And turns as if to try So do I So do I And when I'm really here That's when I'm really here My right life begins to disappear And I remember my mum Told me out of all my funny toys That you won't make a man of me And growing up's an interesting Thing to do And then all life begins to scream The whole world changes like I've never seen And then she goes up to the window And leaps into the sky So do I So do I So do I So do I Will you sit down Is everybody happy? There is a sign outside you house saying "Everyone is happy" Well I for one am most certainly not Is everybody happy? Is it just mud that breaks the whole world window? I'll turn as if to try Poor soldier now you've created your own monster Then turn as if to try