Neva Eva (Trillville)

(What, ugh) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (You can't!) Get on my level ho (You can't!) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (It's Trillville ho!) Get on my level ho (Lil' Scrappy ho!) Get on my level ho (It's BME ho!) Get on my level ho (Let's gooo!) Get on my level ho... (2x) Bitch nigga you can neva eva, eva eva Eva eva, eva eva eva eva Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (What!) Get the fuck back, get the fuck back already I ain't playin' nann day Prove a nigga whatcha say Meet me anywhere, I don't care it don't matter to me Cause if ya fuckin' step, I'ma step in yo vicinity What, you think I'm a ho nigga please you ain't on my level Get some rank bitch while I'm diggin' ya grave with a shovel Time after time I ask myself is it really clever For you to get with me, bitch nigga you can neva eva Rank on my level, I'm pushin Chevrolet pedal If you niggas fuck with me I got that chrome, heavy metal Never settle for less but always strive for the best Most these niggas playin chief'll put ya straight to the test (2x) My Benz, looka at my 'Ac Look at my Navi' and my 'Lac Get on my level, hell nah neva that I knew you wasn't real cause all ya do is chit-chat Always slizzle makin' sho' I stay gone Call us some broad to the Geor-Georgia Dome Tryin' to get with me is like naps through a comb They call me Don P AKA Corlio Up in the club with my Cartier's on Don't know if I'm high, drunk, or gettin' my roll on He on the cell "Can ya hear me" hell nah Get on my level, that's what I'm tryin' to tell why'all For real (2x) LA off in this thang, get up on my level ho Bitch nigga you can neva eva, eva eva hang Bitch nigga step the fuck back and if ya think I'm jokin' Aks them niggas that tried to play us, see em' lyin' off in that coffin Trillville, ATL swangin' swangin' throwin' bows Got some niggas that be hatin' bustin' slugs at my foes If ya thinkin' you can fuck with a nigga like me Nah nigga get rich, Trillville and BME What the fuck you talkin' about "What you deep" nigga what! If a hater want to hate then a hater gettin' bust We ain't hard to find nigga so why ya steadily talkin' shit I'm fixin' to sick my dogs ho Pussy nigga, get big nigga ho Get crunk out ya brains when I spit this verse I'm a blood suckin' vampire, my venom is worse Head bustas deal with dangerous thirsts Shatter ya bones in ya chest and make ya motherfuckin' heart burst Don't worry now, best of the South on the map Knock yo thoughts out and leave yo brains on ya lap Don't touch my Kango shorty, what's wrong with you I might drop my fist back and knock yo grill through Run around the motherfuckin' club