Living In The World Of Hip Hop (MC Shan)

Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hip-hop (2x) There is no implication hip-hop is wrong Beats tapped out, played back in songs Consider hip-hop as a verbal sport It brings pleasure while expressin one frame of thought Those that don't like it, then you're psychotic To my point of view hip-hop has got it Rhymes being written everytime you blink With no vital signs of becoming extinct Try to demolish, it will not be worth Killing all hip-hop fans on earth Don't try to compare it, there's no relative The word to describe hip-hop: creative Once you're at a party you're in hip-hop's lair To downgrade all, how could one dare? Once upon a time they used to play soul >From there they went to rock 'n roll Rock died down, then along came pop Now you're livin in the world of hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hip-hop (2x) I am the creator of my hip-hop style With a level of college understood by child Hip-hop is being moved on a one-way course Up and being led by an unseen force You try to hold it down, won't be no good The more it gets exposed, the more it gets understood It's all fantasy, yet all realistic Often complicated, other times simplistic Lyrics so sharp, they can cut like a knife I'm sworn by oath to the hip-hop life Less live drums, less guitar strumming Hip-hop is the life of the up and coming Not by force, by want and choice Persuaded by the beat and the MC voice There are people who love it across the land And there are those that think that it should be banned Well I say I love it, it comes from my heart Very thankful for the day that it got its start Now that it got started, you see it won't stop And you'll be livin in the world of hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hip-hop (2x) (Super sperm) Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hip-hop The only thing you could do that would make me mad Is take away my pen and my hip-hop pad Take that away, I have nothing left So let it go free or sentence me to death I know you had troubles with your moms and dad When you were growin up goin through your childhood bad Some parents think that hip-hop means Wearin fat shoe laces and name brand jeans It really doesn't matter just what you say Hip-hop will be around till you're old and grey They're just all lies created by nerds You think that I'm playin, you mark my words Just like man sends rockets to Mars Hip-hop living is ascending to stars The more it gets accepted, you'll see it won't drop And you'll be livin in the world of hip-hop Runnin neck to neck in the music world race You don't have to listen if it isn't your taste It's becoming worldwide, internationally known Have you ever heard the saying 'to each his own'? People like jazz, cause that's their taste I prefer crisp highs with an earthquake bass There are hip-hop songs that make you tense And then there are those not worth 2 cents But still hip-hop's gonna make its mark Cause you used to only hear it in your neighborhood park To all non-believers, you should know your name Since the parks, don't you see how far the hip-hop came? It's been around for years, and you ask yourself how? For the very same reason that you're listening now You might have been hooked from the very first line Cause raps like these cultivate one's mind One day your resistance level might drop And you'll admit: it's a world of hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hip-hop (2x) Straight from the MC's mouth you heard it You have to bear witness cause you can't convert it It's based on a beat with a real slight dip Kool Herc came along and said, "That's hip" Heads started bobbin, he began to hop And he said, "Let's call this hip-hop" Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hop Hip-hip-hop (5x)