Stay Away From Me (Guerilla Maab)

Stay away from me - 4x [Trae] Guerilla Maab, coming up out the gates It'd be best, to go and get out the way Running around, with a K and don't play All about Dougie D, Z-Ro and Trae See we don't know, what the fuck you say If I get agg'd, better move around cause I'm gonna spray Starting from my own letter zone Not too many people can relate Didn't wanna say that I'm wrong Cause I'm walking around, with a frown on my face I know, you wanna hate me But if you don't know, you better reach back to G [Hook - 2x] Stay away from me You niggaz, oughtta know Stay away from me My pain, won't let me go Stay away from me It feels, like I'm going insane Stay away from me The streets, keep calling on me [Trae] I might as well recommend, you leave me the fuck alone Before I get pissed off in the zone, running with chrome Guerilla Maab niggaz, forever riding alone Three deep off party, we ready to bring it on We done been through too much, you niggaz done fucked up The pain that's beside of me, is getting me pumped up While some of you lucked up, and brought the pack back But now we back kicking your ass, now how you like that Z-Ro, Trae, Dougie D we number one And on my life there ain't no fucking with me, nigga here we come Leaving em stunned, verbally dropping another bomb Till a the nigga get numb, you better get up and run We ain't having it, platinum plack nigga we grabbing it And stacking it, plack for plack keeping the billboards tracking it The wildest microphones and nigga get the fuck on, you way outta your zone We ahead of your league, ahead of your time Or repping the release, my pain my reason for rhyme And when a nigga fucking with mine, I flatten they line I think you better get outta town, or real with mine And I ain't fin to be laying it down, Guerilla Maab collide Or fuck around with the Maab, and I bet that they'd never find you Got em hanging they brains, to stay ready to slide you Bitch ass niggaz, lace up and I'ma glide you [Hook - 2x] [Dougie D] Now can you feel my pain The way that we struggle, hustle grinding against the grain Living a life oh, getting nothing but change If it's pertaining to money, I gotta go get it mayn Cause me and my niggaz, be getting down for these And fucking with one of us, bitch you bound to bleed Dougie D, Z-Ro, Trae M double A-B Your best bet is, to stay away from me I got no time, to be fucking around with you marks Ain't got no time, to be fucking around with you punks Ain't got no time, to be fucking around with you niggaz that be in the water Looking up at us like a shark, and that one of us Ain't running we are, motherfucker we Maab type Texas tough Rough and stuff, don't fuck with us befo' We bust the art of war, beams armed and dangerous And it's a must, the K's and nines we bust Putting niggaz in choke holds, throwing bows Fuck boys up on sight, ready tomorrow Stuff em in funnels, like some damn burritos Cause all niggaz that's loud, been scared get disposed I done told you once, and that's that Stay away from me, 'fore your wig get smashed Your mama know you son of a bitches, that's digging ditches Stay away from me while I'm making my riches, what now (what now) [Hook - 2x] Stay away from me - 4x You niggaz, oughtta know My pain, won't let me go It feels, like I'm going insane The streets, keep calling on me - 2x