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Fountain And Formosa (Time Again)

Now I start the score, where will we go, Come on girl we should just start to grow so, All about those times I cheated on you, All of those girls and yes it is true, Jamie and Jodi and Jessica and Jenna, All of those girls that were my first friend, Told them now, even the score, Girl I won't, come back no more. [Chorus:] Sometimes I go where I shouldn't go To learn all the things that I already know. Sometimes I do what I shouldn't do To learn all the things that I already knew. You know that girl that you hate so much, The one named Erin, oh yeah I'm in touch So, I went to her house last week, Oh yea now and we never speak So, didn't like that I slept with all them, Come on girl and I fucked your friends, Even up. Now that's the score, I won't go back to you no more.