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The Art Of Staying Alive (Adair)

Sing me a song. I know we've used up every dawn, And yet I wonder When the scholars find our bones A thousand years from now under All the ashes of the earth, Will we be together? The only thing I know for sure. The plates may shift And slit your wrists, But wear your scars. I will follow you through the dark. Don't be afraid. This is the last night of our lives. Buried in flames. So kiss me one more time tonight. In your darkest night When all is lost, I will be your light, At whatever cost. Let the plaster flow into The space our bodies used To occupy. Let it be a record of The love that buried us alive Underneath the sands of time. A testament that even after death Love survives. Exit the vein. Exit the lungs. Exit the body. Never the heart.