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2015 Flow (YG)

It's that Silicon Valley flow I got that sun dance vision, nigga you ain't know Got damn, I got album of the year, still 3 packs in, imagine how these wack rappers feel I've been killin' niggas all year Bill, me and them white folk names got somethin' in common Bills, I got 'em, I've been at rich houses, I've been to rich hills The homie got that Tommy, know that's somethin' that he'll feel Look though, been really off the hook though My fam straight, my homies got money on their books though Lately my bitch been trippin' on me I'm like "Bitch I'm in the studio, let me cook though!" RJ killin' shit, my homies is killin' shit But I'm tryna convince 'em to be on some drug dealin' shit I can't blame 'em cause their mamas, they don't give a shit So I fronted them some work, told 'em they can get rich Get rich, get rich, get rich Mama I finally did it, hustle hard then get rich Lately, I've been on some solo shit Cortez, long socks, I've been on my cholo shit Bitch you keep trippin', I'ma let bygones be bygones Walk up in the house with, I'm like "Hi mom" But I'm right back on my nigga shit Like what, she fuckin' and suckin', she with the shit, let's flip this bitch Let's flip a pound, tryna bust it down And no respect for the hoes that wasn't fuckin' but fuck it now Bust it down, bust it down, bust it down You can profit $3500 if you bust it down Send me the plan, I'ma figure how to execute My management like "Hold up YG", I'm like, "I ain't waitin' on you" It's that 2015 flow Kill yourself if you ain't gettin' dough Hold up, keep money, keep money, keep money You gotta speak it to existence, nigga, keep money They said Dre made a billion I'm like, "Shit I can do it if he did it" Fuckin' on whatshisname's bae mama Her pussy ghost, her walls broke down, she ain't got no ceilings They was like, "YG you shouldn't go there" I said, "Bitch I think I'm Silkk the Shocker, I got no limits" Fuck you niggas, they ain't livin' what they talkin' 'bout Even with a million dollars I'll still spark it out Fuck these niggas, fuck these niggas, fuck these niggas They wasn't shootin' with me in the gym so fuck these niggas I'm Ruff Rydin', where my dogs at? Where them niggas that fuck them bitches on their poles at? Nigga 2015 On the front porch sellin' 20 sacks for 15, nigga