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Brain Butchers (Vale Of Pnath)

Dream or reality Your memories hide what you knew Gone, one life ‒ enter a new perception Enter a new perception No hope for a dying world To stop this beast, you must set society free Remain in permanent psychosis Everything you knew ‒ everything thought was true ‒ is false. Emancipate the suffocating Only then will your mind be your own Only then will you destroy this throne Red sand, breathe in; your lungs collapse This vacuum craves your flesh (permanent psychosis) No air, breathe in; the body dies The answer lies within the ruins Never trust our human nature; death will reveal the key to life The impure deviations of society shall wallow in their filth Their lives mean nothing now (their lives mean nothing now) You must wake from this delusion; save yourself and free your mind Deeper you fall in the infinite depths of this false world No, you must stay; this is real Hundreds of lives depend on you Destroy this deceiver and your treacherous love This vile creature that was sent from above No air, breathe in; the body dies These blood-soaked floors a price to pay For the freedom of these mutant slaves Bleed the world; rid the plague Drain your veins and stain the soil red Uncover the tombs of the dead The bones will lead the way This closed world shall only be spared with the embrace of the atmosphere; be salvaged by an open mind Start the reactor A traitor among the faithful few A newcomer to the world of the doomed Deep in the ruins you shall find the machine With its inception the red shall be blue With its inception the slate is wiped clean