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Hellucination (Smif-n-Wessun)

Sittin' on the toilet, shittin', puffin the dough Strobe light affect, everything's movin' slow Slip into a deep zone, the sound let the phone bring me home Stagger to my feet, emotion toward the walk talk (Aiyo Ripper what up nigga, check out this proposition There's money to bait and I'm in the mood to go fishing) Whatever nigga, give me time to wash my ass My habit at your norm' day, fiendin' for the cash (Do what you gotta do, 'cause I'm on my way in the car 'cause when I get there, yo we outie like Tamar) Right right easy (Now I'm off to the south to get more info on this dough I heard about Gotta make sure everything secure Can't let me and my man let these grants slip past our hands The man's out heavy today I hope they don't try to get in the way of our pay) Damn, I'm ready, high noon, the man's out Gotta take a quick shower, get dressed and bounce Grabbed a fatigue, strapped out the generals Proper attire for all criminals Blazed up the clip, loads up the 4/5th If a boy riff, leave a body their stiff Who dem man there gon' rap on my door Disturb me at work, on the low dub four (Yo it's me) Who that (ST, what up) Aight hold up son, let me put it back on safety (Aiyo kid it smells like fresh grown cess, lets Twist up some trees before we jet) True, you know we keep a fat pack of sense Even though you know it make our pockets go empty (But no less about to starved into free men So whenever we finish we gon' bag up this spinach) Easier said than done, peep the 4-1-1 The dred around the corner, just try to blast Ruck and Dunn (I knew it, bad vibes flowin' like fluid Forget about the dough, let's do it I see you already strapped pa, so I'll meet you Outside, 'cause my gats back in the car How far must one go Before he throw his whole entire life right out the window) And a dead boy, and I don't even know (Aiyo he looks like the dred, that hooked us up on the low) What you say fly? (Thinkin' out loud, just caught me in the zone I'll tell you all about it on the way home) Whatever, I'mma send this nigga to his essence Fuckin' wit' the family, know he gotta learn a lesson And you know he ain't yardy right Some boy gon get dead tonight As we strap on the gloves, feel the buzz from cannabis Niggas bout to get scandalous Gotta be gon' the double, I think I seen them all tumble But on the left there's trouble Undercover had to spill staked out Watchin' the whole thing go down, yo it's time to brake out The 4/5th as I shift and drive 'cause every mind right here might not leave alive Son why you stallin'? Hop on the ballin' Get us outta here before we be the next fallin' Right now, this whole shit is bug, we the thugs Yet the beast comin' up showin' niggas love Took our burners, gave us dap, let us bounce Now it's back to the dog house, to smoke the next ounce Who could believe them beats left us alone And took the chrome that's in one of our own back home And not only that kid, check How money that we just did, was that connect For the cash, them pigs must of had dips for the stash That ain't that some shit for ya ass Troops say, ya never liked this pretty ass anyway But that shit wit the pigs CO-made my day Gave me a whole new outlook on the beast Even watched out for the ones so called the beast But anyway, you know we high right now Doin' it like this, the original crook style