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Caught By Fire (Isengard)

There is no reason for my mind To try to find the flames that died Walk like a loner in the night Trying to find you How can i dream this vision When I must seek my mission What can you hide from in my mind Why can't I hold your fire When it is burning higher Why do I fear the heat inside Every night I'm trapped by eternal fire Can't you see what you do to me Caught by fire When I see your angel eyes Caught by fire You make me hypnotized Caught by fire When you touch me with desire Caught by fire You make me realize Why can't you try to ride the wind Or live your life in darkest sin Hide like a devil in disguise Never to find you If I can feel your breathing Couldn't you stop this feeling Lost in my mind, you wont be found Why can't you see I'm hurting Can't you forget your searching Fading away, you can not stay