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Arising From The Ashes (Corpus Christi)

I awoke from a disturbed sleep, dead whores dancing in the walls I looked into a blackened mirror and it was not me I saw My destiny was sorrow, my plan was to kill And hatred it came from nowhere with a need to fulfilled Among the streets I roamed, with a burning pang My blood boiled with a mast provoking flame I found myself in her coppery blood, and I almost felt alright Bu then it came back, my bloodlust, my loathsome appetite Under the blackened sky I awoke from a sleep And what I saw in the mirror it was no longer me My destiny was sorrow, my fate was to kill And hatred slipped in with a need to be fulfilled I should've been dead, I was but still alive Walking among these endless streets to make others die From my death I arose anew to bring a message of sorrow A force to room in agony, to live again tomorrow