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30-30 (Dodd Deryl)

Well, I can't forget the day we met how I could clearly see With picture-perfect vision, she was the only one for me My perception of a heavenly love was right there in my sight I never saw the true writin' on the wall, 'cause she was standin' in my light Bought her a diamond ring; nearly everything this workin' man could not afford A Chevy, a house, and the credit cards to her favorite department stores Loved her all I could; I can't believe she would run off with some ol' used to be Guess ya never know what the future holds, 'cause for her it wasn't me [Chorus] And they say lookin' back is a lesson, and that's why I won't forget her Through the smoke and haze of bein' burned, I can see things a whole lot better Lord, I was blind, but now I find since she did me down and dirty Hindsight's not twenty-twenty, it's more like a 30-30 Now I'm pickin' up the pieces of this shattered, broken heart of mine Been searchin' for the lovin' parts, but the hurtin' ones are all I find When she took her aim, she wasn't playin' no games Lord, she dropped me right to my knees She untied our knot with a perfect shot and put me into my misery [Chorus] Lord, hindsight's not twenty-twenty, it's more like a 30-30