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Demons Die (Second Person)

Demons die, and new ones grow Elastic shadows that statues throw Behind the back of a dying sun... New demons come. Demons die, demons fade And from the dregs of the just decayed Spitting rivulets of fire and fear... New demons appear. Demons die and new ones come to feed And then every time you bleed... You just give them what they need Yeah ee yeah Demons die and new ones join the fray And they never go away No they never go away Ooohohoohoh Ooohohoohoh Ooohohoohoh Oh, oh, oh Through arid oceans of frozen sand... Across the avenues in no-man's land... Down the channels of your agile hedge... ...New demons tread... You thought you took 'em out long ago Goes to show you how you never know... 'Cause they may die, but it's not for long Well, a demons never truly gone. You're harder, and sharper, and faster, and older But still you are looking back over your shoulder The image is slander, the shadows do gather Like clouds... Comin' together. Moving in unison Speaking in tongues. Billow smoke from the back of their lungs. Slow as a type, but you cannot outrun them. They'll chase 'em They'll face 'em They'll never outrun them No Demons... Demons... Demons... Demons... Ohoohohoh