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Demons In The Scenery (Second Person)

Anticipation of pain is more important than When it begins It's above any love I have To see these bruises for my sins And it's not about what we are today It's an unspecific stage It's the rate of desiccation That I anticipate But when the systems start And the lights go down Demons in the scenery turn my world around And I get myself lost I won't be found Is there a difference in meaning Between a brief vacation and a brush with death And which one do I need I'm sick to speak I'm too weak to catch my breath Well, I'm caught in these thoughts and awkward words I'm making clinical, chemical, friends Above my head discrete circled birds of sleep Preparing to descend (Preparing to descend) It's a constriction of chest At best, at worst, it's burst by a heavy stone I can do things that you know I've done before When I've been with myself alone (When I've been with myself alone) I know it's destructive Is there anymore I can Be surprised by joy Nevertheless in my stress and anxiety suggest There’s nothing left to destroy But when the lights go up And the curtain falls Demons in the scenery scream like animals And I get myself lost Inside that voice Some things will fracture slowly Some things have sudden breaks I wish someone had told me Not to repeat mistakes I step inside my story And see it's told in blood If you were better for me You wouldn't be so good But be the clever hands The people take their bows The demons in the scenery scream, "it's over now" And I get myself lost Sometimes the lights go down (Some things will fracture slowly) Sometimes the lights go down The demons in the scenery turn my world around (I wish someone had told me) (Demons) Did I get myself lost (How do I turn my dreams down) I won't be found Won't be found Won't be found