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Too Cold To Snow (Second Person)

your line was so dead every time that i called it was a kick in the head i tried to be calm i swear to you baby you didn't know what you'd done the moon shed its shell some cresent effervescent light shivered and fell to my feet, from the sky i ask too many questions that get no reply it's too cold to snow, i don't feel my hands my blood is so slow in my veins i'm too tired to cry and the earth is so still it's too cold to snow but i hope it will prone on the floor couldn't think any less, couldn't drink any more sleep was a prize i died a small death when i opened my eyes did i cease to exist from the moment we met or the moment we kissed i dare you to agree that if you treat me this way then you cannot you cannot love me now you're here in your shame you're sorry and so on i'm glad that you came i know just like you that i will forgive you whatever you do i know just as well that you've caused me less pain than i've caused to myself with my glass to my lips i'm thinking maybe maybe it doesn't get better than this