Awaken The Bloodking! (Kozeljnik)

Oh yes fathers, I've followed the Beast for He's my beautiful, primal Bloodking You deny and call Him odious, you deny His strength, but time couldn't kill His shadow fades... I die in his sleep Deathdrops cover his sigh... I die in his sleep... and with the stone cold sickness.. He took me Darkest spheres have welcomed me, the blessed, truly given path Come forth, lurkers of the sacred, is your will indeed so strong? (Oh yes, I've followed my Beast...) Please me, a knife to my chest, I want my body filled with holes Oh, I want your lips, after you hang me on the rope ...breed in me I've overdosed myself with this pain and eternity will not decline it... Grant me thy hand... burn within me I seek for Thee, deep down to internal hellgleams, for eternal enlightened Dead... spiritualized in the Devil's icon