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Cheatin' Is (Fairchild Barbara)

Cheatin' is a thing that starts when you bring Two lonely people face to face with a brand new kiss She blames him he blames her But neither one is ever quite sure which way it really is And all of the time in the back of their minds They know they're gonna have to lie bout where they've been Cheatin' is a thing that'll take a little ring And break it into pieces that'll never go back again Cheatin' is the part of lovin' that starts When true love isn't what lovers are looking for A stranger here a stranger there then you turn around and swear That you'll never go back for more And lying at night when you're holding him tight Is sometimes that a cheater's heart just has to learn Cheatin' is a thing that's guaranteed to bring Two unhappy people to the point of no return [ guitar + steel ] The worst of cheatin' is the sad little kids Hangin' in the middle while mommie and daddy choose Cheatin' is a game where nobody wins But the ones that aren't big enough to play are the ones who lose