Do The Freak (Bootsy Collins)

Gotta get ya on freak on You gotta keep on freak it on... Cos' I couldn't get 'nuff of you Check it out, c'mon You need the man with the funk Puttin' more junks in the trunk Givin' em wot they want But no front I get busy with miles I rob my sister and not just cars, baby So just take my funk Play my funk Read my funk Keep my funk Ain't nothin' but the funk, baby And you just don't stop We're goin' hip hop no stop But what ya want, sir Do you want some bass Well, just in case Let's take it to the stage Let's break it live N' let me do my thing Cos' havin' a ball Ain't nothin' but a chicken wing Freak, when Bootsy on a string Wants some lines, baby Then it's yours Keep the drummer down, baby On course We can spend some time, baby It ain't yours C'mon! Gotta get ya on freak on You gotta keep on freak it on... Cos' I couldn't get 'nuff of you Bang, bang, boogie woogie oogie With that junk trunk Funk you're right, kid And now I'm gonna show you How funky I can get I get so funky that my pants smell like Not to star on his track But definitely From the next generation Operation funk for the nation We're havin' a global freak out situation Now is it freaky? Yeah it's freaky deaky, baby! Now treat me like a P-Funk for ENIEE MEENIE MINEY MO The supercalifragifunkalistic "P" To the A-J-G-I-Z-M-O I love to go off the wall Hey yo, we're havin' the funk outta space Hey yo Bootsy, hit us with the bass Funkalicious, baby Like that, and check this funk place Gotta get ya on freak on You gotta keep on freak it on... Cos' I couldn't get 'nuff of you Do the freak, do the freak C'mon Do the freak Do the freak, do the freak Party baby, freak it baby Do the freak Do the freak y'all, do the freak Cos' I'm the innovator, motivator Dominator, elevator Educator, devestator Never there was anyone greater That's right And those are my stats I make you boogie to the beat At the strike of a match Make you drop like dime I'll be right on time I go wreck your chick Just blow your mind Make a blind man see A dumb man talk Make a deaf man hear The paralyzed walk Put your body in motion With the word I say Make you shake your derry Do wot I display To the C-A-R to the O-L-Y-N Wanna run down the rhymer My school girlfriend Where the finest is the finest The coolest is the coolest This weekend You're pretty nervous And you be swimmin' With your clothes on So check it out, girl Cos' I'm 'a make ya work Now that's mean I got to chew The buttons of your shirt The girls like lacquer polish Of their nail When I'm scheduled to rock ya It's a strong wild thing Freak out baby I'm for weak out baby Don't you know it's a weak out, baby Come in here n' let ya want the freak out, baby Blind faith ambition It's all a temporary condition That's what I keep feelin' myself As I use like everything I got left