Muthafucka (Dre Dog)

Muthafucka so I heard you like to run your mouth But eat this rhyme so you can taste what I'm a talk about That sewer rat mack in black is back Dre Dog in your dome lacin' caine wit' my dank sack You get change for my respect silly muthafucka Come closer and get served like a dirt clucker Wit' a mind the find of Al Capone But with the gift to manip like Jim Jones But muthafucka I will clown and insult ya And when you die, feed off you like a vulture Cuz' in the streets there ain't no love so nigga fuck peace I break your jaw and have you chokin' on your wisdom teeth six-six two-twenty not a Tommy Tucker You don't like me I ain't scared of you muthafucka Cuz' I can get racist like the Ku-Klux-Klan Call you Kunta Kintae then whup yo ass! Game exposed on the whole damn institute Muthafucka's get chewed like Juicy Fruit Uhh, fools get smacked wit' the back of my hand Nigga's get crushed like aluminum cans Mr. Jim Jones and it just don't quite Fillmore for life and I will fuck yo Bitch! I'm tired of these muthafucka's talking lip On who's down while I might waste a lyric clip To your dome watch it bust little chumps Brains on my chest from the blast of that lyric Coughing up blood now your dead and nee a witness Execute rapper's of the charts is my business It don't really matter if it's him or if it's her Decapitating bodies on my list like Jeffrey Dalmer Serial style murders jumpin' off on my stutter step Gotta keep it gruesome, keep it bloody to maintain my rep Tales of the Crypt It got sick, smell the body funk Sights on crucial make Jason look like a punk MC's on freeze on they knee's sayin' please Bustin at they ass to these fools not breath I don't know why these muthafucka's wanna fuck wit' me Check your tails runnin' up on this N-U-T I don't really care battle anywhere hard! Mutalate your body when we battle pick a graveyard Thats were you goin when I flow and when I rap Fucked off diesel! Take a dirt nap Rock a mic gotta go, you don't feel me do' Fucked off D so when you step to the rock hoe Rottweiler attackage, when I'm locking on your fuckin' neck Don't other nathin', cuz' I take respect Talkin' that shit, so listen to ya holla Fake-ass rapper gettin' sicked on someones rottweiler MUTHAFUCKA!!!