Off That Chewy (Dre Dog)

how can sick can one nigga be you think im off that PCP but its Chewy! a lot of niggas never heard of me i said beware of me now they scared of me hu...i said come to my sunday service nigga seen who the reverend was then they got nervous the niggity nasty Jim Jones boot ya in the head, steal toes to the dome poted dank, fools its your choice niggas hate my face but they love my voice and just like that, i make them ball and nob kiss the hand of a true dog god cross ya heart foo, and hope to die cause you will die when you crucify cause i gots frisco all sewed up pitbulls in a bunch hidin in the cuts cause when i say it, i mean no mercy the frisco hitler, turnin cali to germany im a down muthafucka when my homies call 20 rock while my dogs roll up like fog this was a triple six verse not a triple four and after this, im gonna give you some more yeah and it don't stop yeah and it won't quit dre dog is in the house fuck that muthafuckin bullshit my father abandoned me, my mother couldn't handle me thats why i made ill mater of my family nigga you ain't shit, im the lyrical lord ask whats up nigga, two plus four cause when i catch you im gonna bust your dick roll up a blunt, chewy and tai stick i snort caine, and do cocktails make way for the six five killa whale that love to box and don't care if i die with fists that will open and shut your eye niggas hate dre dog, so i'll die one day but reappear like the lord on easter sunday yeah, dankers going to call me puff daddy dippin in a caddy, pant hood a saggy i don't play dead, i don't roll over turn ya back and i'll break ya shoulder a voice that will sufficate your ass like plastic a throat that will chug a lug battery acid im dre dog, can you tell im high? nigga heres a shovel, dig deep into my mind you violatin, and a blow ya a chin and after this muthafucka i'll come again yeah and it don't stop yeah and it don't quit dre dog is in the house fuck that muthafuckin bullshit yeah and it won't stop yeah and it don't quit dre dog is in the house fuck that muthafuckin bullshit open up the frisco gates of hell fillmo, HP, dre, RBL and the siccer i come, the more they run im in a rage, off that indo and cocaine you got my fade nigga that was my chewy Fuck ya crew cause ya crew never knew me and just like the world turns muthafucka that burns like mase when dre dog is in ya face so come nigga, but im a come quicker finger nails will make ya call me jack the ripper and then i'll crack yo back like a flower seed punch you in the back of ya head and make ya eyes bleed dre dog won't stop cause its 187 on a muthafuckin cop and ya stripes will get took quick, bust ya damn dick by a reckless young black pit indo or tai, nigga lets get high 2 to 3 blunts and watch the red eyes plot, watch me plot 911, 415, coughnut im in a hot spot get ya glock, and ya guage your there for me and fortay get the rest of OCP and all the punks will pound them you want to hear this with a beat nigga, buy the fuckin album but for now heres a scripture, in the back of the bible you'll see my picture ill mannered, RBL, fortay, its a triple team and man im ghost and oh yeah sweet dream