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Face Of A Desperate Man (Spice 1)

Smellin' stale fresh out the county jail Coppers gave me hell in a cell But now its Mo' Murder to make mail They thought my heart was playin' life at a different pitch But I stick to the scrip Dump a snitch in a ditch Its 94 I came to be fuckin' around Paranoia of a jack so I'm quick to draw down The only way I gets my mail is to be off in your ass With a AK or a Uzi screamin' Give me your cash nigga So back to fuck on up Cause can't nobody stop this nigga to sellin' a D that's raw and uncut Fuckin' over fiends Laughin in their faces sellin' "soap" to niggas can die anyday Niggas come showed off in them jacks G Another homie eyes wide open dead in my backseat We never thought that they would get him My nigga was like a soldier we'd never knew that the bullet hit him Thought to myself was cocaine with my homie's life He picked the crime Do or Die now he pays the price To look in struggle on his face with his Gat in his hand My nigga died With the face of a desperate man So we can tear this face We can tear this face The face of a desperate man, Gyeah-man Butabyebye butabyebyebang butabyebyebangbo So we can tear his face when him smokin the endo Butabyebye Check motherfuckin' 1 check 1-2 I gotta gets my mail that's what I gotta do And don't nobody run up on me Cause Franklin and Grant is my only motherfuckin' homie I made a deal with the devil and sold my soul Through about O.E. and fourteen-years old Young hog ass nigga never ever saw of Got me a strap and learned not to shoot my brolls of And all the youngsters sneakin pass the bottle Because the G's, pimps and hustlers was the motherfuckin' role model And every time we had a house party Was just the chance for a nigga to see another nigga's dead body And nobody stayed around for sequels Cause the nigga that was bustin' was spreadin' bullets around equal Now they mobbin' I'm seein' sparks hearin' shots Pistol's popped Another motherfucker flopped On the ass first up by the 44 Flatline ambulance put him in the door Loud screams from his homies yellin' Imma smoke 'em Feelin bad 'cause his partners on blood joke 'em A touchin scene niggas screamin' in the rain Looked in his homeboy's face His homie said his name Now he'd be lookin' for that nigga with the Gat and Ready for that Redrum With the face of a desperate man 94 is gettin' hot style nigga I gotta watch my shit mug on my face nigga ?? dog mean bitch I'm muggin' every nigga that be walkin by Is it true can his hand be quicker than my eye I'm wonderin if I gotta pull out my steel Cause motherfuckers they can feel me they will look at me real So, flow to the motherfuckin' 4 If I have to let 'em know not to play me like a hoe Cause I sticks to the G code I unloads the clizip and ease on down the road 1 and 1 Spice only I do my dirt about my motherfuckin' lonely (by myself nigga) Ninety four Spiggedy 1 with up on that ass Yeah Mean muggin' every nigga that ride by Face of a desperate man nigga I gots to gets mine So if you try to take my shit Quick to bust a cap in that ass Ninety four Blow Formally like that