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Check Ya Self (Spice 1)

Now come and take the realness Fuckin' these funky hoes will make you feel this Drippin' sensation stickin' your ace in the wrong place And you'll be ass out dickless, passin' out when you get this AIDS shit in your grave, ditch will be dug with a quickness So this is the phase of the days when I grew up Reminiscin' and trippin' off all them hoes I done fucked But it's all good and plenty, I just can't count how many trampy hoes I done did it to Licked it, did it, split it too But shit is cool makin' the thrilla of Manilla Scoop up the scrilla boy that cuchi be a killa You can feel a order up with a nut and then bounce And have that ass comin' up shorter than a fuckin' quarter ounce Let's get toe down off some X-O, puffin' on the cripto Bent corner eyers up on her, super bad low down dirty shame No need to know your age, bitch, what's your name? Said her name was Tammy, lived with her granny All I'm thinkin' about is gettin' in her panties Got the digits, called her later on that night At a two dome sex, flossin' big elex Cocked the roof back, bitch, blaze the sack Reached the destination, no hesitation Out of my clothes in the guts about to nut No protection, after two hours hopped out the shower Dressed in Eddie Bauer, livin' like a true playas should Six years later: test positive cause the ho was no good If you wanna get your groove on, come and do a little somethin' with me If you wanna get your groove on, let's wrap it up before we fuck If you wanna get your groove on, come and do a little somethin' with me If you wanna get your groove on, let's wrap it up before we fuck A-I-D crooked letter Mothafuckas better strap up when they come together It's a top notch so you ain't thinkin' Got your battlefields sinkin', caught late night full of weed, drinkin' Got ya creepin' in the unknown Steered you wrong even if you get your head blown, fool, you still gone Switch up your tactics: fuck with prophylaxis It ain't about that raw dickin' her and nuttin' on the mattress You didn't know these hoes will put the tags on your toes Don't knows crossin' up the game because she chose Listen to your homie Celly, nigga, before you hit the telly, nigga Have a box of rubbers ready, nigga I can't lie, this whole AIDS situation got my brain drownin' in illusions Settin' niggas up for the conclusions I ain't sayin' that I'm gonna live forever Gotsta fuck new, get sometime in the future Don't got no babies, what about the day when you get married I hope I'm layin' in bed with a virgin with a meal that's urgent She heard that I was livin' my lifestyle lavishly Flashbacks of fuckin' her cousin in the alley Smokin' on the twamp sack that she bought the jimmy hats Three O'clock in the morning, sideways I was cuttin' the Pontiac strapped Well, here's a serious situation that we facin' It starts off by doin' the nasty without no patience Forgettin' about the condom, usin' and abusin' the drugs and methinfedamies She wanted to suck my dick head so bad she was beggin' me So I stepped to this straight bitch named Sally, Sally Threw my slugs at a scallywag at a club in the valley Leather trench, all hair down to her shoulders and back Some Guess jeans all deep down and her pussy read fat To be exact one of my niggas pulled my coat tail And told me that the bitch was hectic: A-I to the D-S infected Mothafuckas be runnin' up in this bitch without no prophylactics Filthy tactics, may as well pull the strap to your head and blast it Suicidal decisions, livin' your life on the edge slippin' With one foot off in the grave and the other one on a banana peelin' But I ain't trippin', red ribbons on my chest No chemotherapy treatments needed cause I'm a make it stretch To my climax, strapped all over my dick And when I digs I blow they mind back and then I grab my shit Some of you niggas can't even say condoms Some niggas be talkin' about conderves or condos, straight raw dickin' hoes You don't know that ho, man, that bitch can't be trusted Better be strapped with about four condoms if you plan on keeping your life You're gonna be feelin' kinda fucked up and faulty When you rappin' up on that stage and your dick fall off into the audience Silent but deadly way of murder, it's mighty sick Gotta have a bullet proof vest for your dick Seventeen with the fat hydraulics See, us west coast niggas is the most psychotic Hittin' switches in my old school with four, fuck three pumps My homie said that bitch had more pizzazz than "P" funk I'm peepin' in the bitch out at the ho spot Tryin' to throw that virus to my homie Betta watch these bitches cause they're fake and