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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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El Shiksa (Cows)

So you no longer want me You want to shove this horn up my ass You want to slap these tattoos right off me Well you can't, I'm a thirty four-sixer Girl, please don't leave me, we're better than this Oh it breaks my heart so, that whenever you See me your face makes a fist Look, I love you, I'm singing about you Sit still and I'll show you some class I'll play something nice we can grind to It's gonna start slow and go fast It's a homeopathic elixir You say you can't date me, I already have a girl Darling, please don't hate me, after all what Are two in a five billion world I'm going to feel up to padre I'm going to rassle a mountain Then I will beat up an ocean And wipe my ass with the sun I'll do it all for El Shiksa!