Hitting The Wall (Cows)

I woke up today, this morning, I'm bloody, I'm beaten, I find that I have been robbed They took my shoes, my wallet, I'm still drunk, I say "fuck it!" I go to my job Then my boss, he fires me for no good reason No reason at all He says "if you come back I will call a policeman" I'm hitting the wall So I call home, say "dad, I'm robbed, I'm fired, I need money, I need money bad!" He says "that's bullshit! you're lying! I know you Need money? too fuckin' bad!" He says "son, you gotta get out there and fight, man! Compete and stand tall" I say "dad, that's the trouble with your whole damn White man, I'm hitting the wall" So I'm walking, there's kids behind me They're laughing, they throw rocks at me I start running, they chase me They're coming, they're gaining They're gonna get me Now there's no answer to this I can think up I'm taking a fall So I duck into a bar, sit back and drink up I'm hitting the wall Then later three big guys, they poke me They wake me, they say "boy you'd better pay" I pull out my pockets, they don't laugh, they punch me They kick me, I'm out the hard way I'm laying by a dumpster drunk and beaten With nothing at all People point at me and say I'm sickening I'm hitting the wall