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A Question (Rotting Out)

Pages are turning and words are losing ink. Stories unfolding but I don't know what they mean. Conclusions like a blade to the abdomen. I'm watching life pour out and wondering how this is going to end. I want to know. I start to sink with lessons that I've learned. The cover is worn and the corners are burned. The spine is still strong, but who knows for how long. A story exposed hoping something was earned. I want to know where this is going. I want to know if I've seen the worst. I want to know what it all meant. Feet don't fail me now, I want to know my worth. Pain is the plot, but the ending is unclear. Pages that cut deep with weight I can't bear. I'm writing "why?", but the words are just smeared. I laugh till my eyes burn and flood these pages with tears. The question is: What quest is this?