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Blade Of Rust (Rotting Out)

Now it's you and I, we crawled out with broken legs and dirt in our eyes. They exposed our pain, they tore out the nerves and we were never the same. Time after time, night after night, here was no leaving you behind. Time after time, night after night, there was no leaving you. Bloodline defined. To my surprise, we made it out alive. I had your back and you had mine. The bonds that can't be denied. The brother and the bastard with fearless eyes. A blade built on blood. We'll take more than what they took from us. They will soon see what we've become. We'll cut through them like they cut through us. Blade of rust. This world casted us into the fire. We were thrown in as boys but we crawled out men made of iron to guard the souls that were withered and tired. It's them against us. Blade of rust.