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No Clue (Rotting Out)

I don't give a fuck about a thing they say. They act so concerned when they only know my fucking name. They analyze my shit like it means something to them, but they don't know a thing about how I've lived or where I've been. All my life people acted like they knew, but I've come to learn that they don't have a fucking clue. They wasted my time and couldn't look me in the eyes. They were afraid of my truth so they fed me fucking lies. They pretend, but they don't care. They want to talk, but no one listens. "I understand." No you don't. So many lies, I'm sick and tired. I'm tired. Now they try and act like they know what I'm about. They tell me that I need to talk, that I got to let it out. They say, "Walter, you're so angry. You've got to let things go." Well fuck them, and fuck you. Hate is all I've ever known. So, fuck every friend that felt obligated to listen but didn't give a shit. Fuck my teachers for wasting my time and said I was acting out. Fuck the social worker that got paid to feel sorry for me. Fuck the church for filling my head with useless stories that never helped. Fuck the cops for showing up late. Fuck my parents for making me pay for their mistakes.