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Stab (Rotting Out)

A boy obsessed with movies and comics. He was too scared to hold a gun so he was just an accomplice. He hated his old man, so he cursed him in silence. One day the boy snaps, so he switches over to violence. He saw his mom slapped and it pinned back his eyelids. His eyes poured out because it was backed up inside him. He picked up a screwdriver and his rage spread like a virus. He wasn't prepared for it to come to this. For ten years, he was so tempted to try this. Now there's blood on his hands and the old man is almost unconscious. His mother screams so he stops and he speaks... "I'm sorry, I never asked to be like this." So he strangled his soul and slit its wrist. She knew he was done feeling, so she gave him a kiss. There was a look she gave, disappointed, ashamed, and ever since then he was never the same. What would you do if it was you? This is the boiling point of a bastard boy. This is a turning point of a boy destroyed. What would you do if it was you?