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Gee But I'm Lonesome (Ray Johnnie)

The moon hangs high when the clock strike two The night drags by while I think of you I cry and cry till the dawn breaks through Gee, but I'm lonesome I light the flame beneath my coffee pot Repeat your name till the coffee is hot It's all the same if it's good or not Gee, but I'm lonesome I wait for the mail But I know that the mailman ain't gonna bring any word from you I weaken and then start weepin' again 'Coz I can't think of anything else to do I try so hard not to feel so low 'Coz by and by you'd be back, I know So why baby why must I worry so? Gee, but I'm lonesome Well, baby darling, it's hard to do Anything else with anybody but you And gee, gee, but I'm lonesome