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Hands Off (Quidam)

Constant tension in my head I wake up tangled in words I became a puppet in a theatre of the upper class An actor in an eccentric performance I feel that my independence was taken away Hectic pace of life destroyed my memories They clip my wings when try to fly up I give in to petrified thoughts? Like a leaf I’m treaded upon in autumn like a leaf Beggar of hope with desire of life, but how can I live, how can I live? I've overcome a storm and settled on an island of oblivion I've found what I needed, my remedy for life Many things have changed for all these years, I clench my fists and fight I have enough courage to face life I know that my time has come at last But every night awakens my pain, I can feel the breath of my enemy down my neck Hands off don’t touch my soul Hands off my soul Hands off don’t touch my soul Hands off my soul The time will come when you will understand You will feel the way I do Power is in youth, and brings revolution The time will come when I will pay You back I promise