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Mental Disturbance (Loss)

Well I'm mourning now, I'm hating, meet my anger, sorrow I'm searching for what I need I'm using, acting My weird mind controls me Entertains me and depresses me Fear some scare some It will kill some, will it kill me? I'm searching for my inner understanding, selfishness makes me Satisfied, stronger, I'm detestable, cumbersome Violent thoughts are cleansing Smelling it will touch your greed Loneliness is happiness Best friend, my self Reach inside, empty soul, tear apart, molest myself Feeling strong, powerful, Sovereign, free of choice Reaching for my throat, strangles with itself Tearing me apart, finally I'm one Silence, emptiness Happiness, restlessness Feeling free, left alone Hating me, hating none Smell of fear, comes to me Getting aroused, starts to need Starts to hate, starts to live Will end it, death will give Hate, underestimated, Anger makes you focused Begging, weak, revenge will feed your needs Never think of others, never compromise Set your self at first, Self seeking, on your own Tearing me apart, finally I'm one Found myself, finally I'm one