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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Opera (Ephel Duath)

Trapped by a ripped sky obscure supreme of my existence ...lying in a cold stone I feel the frost in my veins I see the external mist rising from the frozen lake An ancient claw is tearing the dark wellkin by winds the earth is raised Beyond my eyes towers of fallen stars coming of dominus herald Lands of forgotten sorrow will be reborn upon this world In this sight I find my call conquered by these visions I feel omnipotence Dark... will strike my sensations We will soon be wrapped in obscurity Smooth path strewn with flowers The pale sun does his vain ritet The pale sun does his vain rite Shadows become longer Reflections of a dying light go away Ye veiled moon appears Queen of Tides Radiate my soul of your undying power Trapped... Let me enter your dreams Let me corrupt your heart Draw your essence from me and you will be one thing with eternities tearing the dark welkin... And snow covers branches of ancient woods Silent observers of hidden events annihilating each glimmer of life making eternal space and time