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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Descent (Edge of Dawn)

PYT Here's to summer heat And sweat Skin in mad abundance Regret? Reset! AYT One for you and three for me Availability, no responsibility Pretty, annoying, dead CYT Smoke this trident just for me Blatant arrogance Fake some innocence DYT Three on you is good fun for me This sorority deserves no mercy Pretty, annoying, dead A provocation and a Bad case of ruby red Skinny, annoying, dead Rise and fall Counter violence A simple answer to your call Smell of sunscreen Do you mind a bit of cream Omega Chi Do you really wonder why? Smell of sunscreen Do you mind a bit of (extra) cream Back print Angel wings The flower girl's a saint You feed her and she feeds you back Attention, tar, and taint Don't fall for the flower girl She knows just what you think This fortnight she'll regenerate She'll dance and cast her skin